Welcome from the Chief Executive

Rob Tarn - Chief Executive of The Northern Education Trust

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

On behalf of the Northern Education Trust Board, welcome to the Northern Education Trust.

We are unswerving in our commitment to ensure that the outcomes our young people secure prepare them fully for life beyond school. Our Academies are happy and thriving communities where children both achieve and feel safe and cared for. As an inclusive Trust we strive to help young people overcome any barrier to learning.

We are a caring employer and invest heavily in professional development, allowing our staff opportunities to take the next steps in their career. We hope you find our website holds all the information you need to believe that whether you are a parent or prospective employee, your next steps should be taken with us.

Rob Tarn - CEO of Northern Education Trust
Signature of Rob Tarn
Rob Tarn
Chief Executive


Northern Education Trust Academies inspected in 2018 were shown to have significantly improved on the previous year.