The Ferns Primary Academy students inspired to become engineers through virtual Formula One racing

May 1, 2019

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Northern Education Trust

The Ferns Primary Academy Formula One visit
May 1, 2019, 2:16 pm

The Ferns Primary Academy students inspired to become engineers through virtual Formula One racing

Key Stage 2 students from the enrichment club at The Ferns Primary Academy, visited the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering on 24 April 2019. As part of their weekly club activities, they learn to fine tune formula one cars and race them online in a national competition called Maths in Motion. This involves students working together in small teams, to set up virtual racing cars and then compete against each other in a series of Grand Prix-type races throughout the year, in the hope of becoming World Champions. The academy teamed up with the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering in affiliation with Bolton College and Bolton University, in order to enrich the children’s learning and increase their enjoyment across STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

The educational enrichment activity at the Centre involved a wide range of basic maths skills being used and applied, and provided the children with the opportunity to work with engineering professionals, technicians and mathematicians.

Firstly, the children were provided with a guided tour of the assembly and manufacturing facility of the supercars.  This was then followed by a practical challenge involving the construction of a bridge to accommodate a supercar.  The children then took part in a quiz related to engineering and motorsports.

Finally, all of the children were given the chance to experience the feeling of being a supercar driver from behind the wheel of a racing car.

Ian Littlewood from Bolton College gave an inspirational talk to the children about aspirations, future careers and pathways into engineering.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and will now be using their new found knowledge to help them design and programme their own virtual sports cars when they attend the Maths in Motion club.


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