Town Mayor Visit to Merlin Top Primary Academy

January 31, 2019

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Northern Education Trust

Mayor visits Merlin Top Academy
January 31, 2019, 10:38 am

Town Mayor Visit to Merlin Top Primary Academy

On Wednesday 23 January 2019, the Town Mayor of Keighley (Councillor Fulzar Ahmed) visited Merlin Top Primary Academy which is sponsored by Northern Education Trust, where he met members of staff, the School Council and many of the children.

The children who sit on the School Council escorted the Mayor around the academy, where inquisitive pupils asked him many and varied questions, including how they could become Mayor!

Pupils across all classes were keen to explain their work to Councillor Ahmed, and it was obvious how proud they were of their achievements. The Mayor was impressed with how engaged the children seemed, not only with their work, but also the additional activities the academy provides, such as after-school sports clubs, competitions, residential and day trips, and music provision.

As part of the visit, he watched a trailer for a play the Year 6 pupils had recently performed for the Literacy Festival, watched a Year 1 music lesson facilitated by the Bradford Music Service, and a final treat was to see a trumpet lesson, although sadly he declined the offer to learn how to play himself!

Councillor Ahmed said he was “impressed with the attitude and confidence of the children, and how many opportunities the school provides for the development of their self-esteem”.

Northern Education Trust Academies inspected in 2018 were shown to have significantly improved on the previous year.