Remote Learning for Secondary

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

Remote Learning for Secondary

Outcomes Focused, Child Centred
Northern Education Trust

Remote Learning at Northern Education Trust (Covid-19)

Students who are self-isolating but otherwise well enough to participate in lessons will be expected to engage with learning, attending their timetabled lessons remotely. As a minimum, students will be able to access the power point and resources for the lesson. Students will also be able to attend ‘live streamed’ lessons, or they will be able to access a blend of the above.

Currently, all lessons as per each individual students’ timetable, are uploaded to Google Classroom and the resources are available at the time the lesson would occur.

For example, if you should have had Maths period 1 (which starts at 8.25am) then your Maths lesson will be available for download from 8.25am.

Many lessons will be ‘live streamed’. You will know if your lesson is to be ‘live streamed’ because you will have received a Google Meet invitation via your Google Classroom.

NET Masterclass Online Offer

In order to support families during these challenging times, we are encouraging students to supplement their school-based learning with additional online lessons.

As a Trust we are able to provide a bespoke online learning intervention in our Academies drawing upon the expertise from across the Trust. This online timetable of masterclasses is also published on all Academy websites.

The NET Masterclass online programme offers a broad range of subjects including English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Art, Computer Science, Modern Foreign Languages and Art on a three-week rotation. Each year group will have the opportunity to receive online lessons up to three times per week.

In our online Masterclass Google classroom each lesson is an hour-long and begin at 4.30pm on the assigned day. Lessons are delivered by expert subject teachers and include high quality resources and creative activities for students.


Parents, carers and students are advised to watch the following YouTube video which explains how students can access their Google Classrooms. A guide is also included below:

Students have been provided with their log in details but should you require assistance, you must contact the academy using the contact details at the top of this page.

Whilst we accept that students working remotely cannot achieve the full classroom experience, we are committed to ensuring that the teaching and learning opportunities provided, extend and deepen thinking enabling all students to continue making rapid and sustained progress.

  • In accordance with remote learning protocols, students’ will be expected to turn off webcams; muting and unmuting their microphone at appropriate agreed times during the lesson. This of course, is only relevant for the times when lessons are being ‘live streamed’
  • Work should be completed and submitted in accordance with teachers instructions, either in workbooks or online.
  • Our polices have been adapted for Remote Learning, such as our Expectations for Learning Policy and our Live Marking Policy.


Guide for Parents and Students – More details about how to access your Google Classroom

Every student has a login for the full Google Suite and they can access their school emails, create documents, join Google classroom and do many other tasks through the Google Suite. Students have been reminded about how to log in and what their email address and password is in the academy. As an additional reminder though the instructions for logging in are:

  1. On the academy website go to Links in the navigation then select Emails.
  2. Enter your student email address.
  3. Enter your password. Your teacher will have given you a reminder about your password in your tutorial session.

If you cannot remember your password or you are having any problems logging in please submit a password reset request to I.T
support using the links section on the school website. Click the option for IT Help Desk.

Once you have logged in you will have access to the full Google Suite and you can select which ‘app’ you would like to use by clicking on the dots in the top right corner. This will open up all of the options you have in Google Suite including Google Classroom:


Google Classroom and Live Lessons

Google Classroom is a safe and secure platform for teachers to communicate with their groups and to deliver lessons and resources to students. Once students have logged into their emails they will find an invite to join each of their classes. Once they have joined these they will be able to access Google Classroom. Inside Google Classroom students will find all the information they need about this class and will be able to access lesson resources.


On occasions students may be able to join a live lesson that is being broadcast from school. Students will just need to click on the link provided by their teacher in Google Classroom, a few minutes before the lesson is scheduled to start. This will open up the lesson in Google Meet.

Google Meet


Google Apps

If students are accessing Google Classroom from a pad or mobile phone, we would recommend downloading these apps to make things easier to access. They can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Please find attached, a poster that your child can use to remind them of our expectations. Unfortunately, students who fail to follow these simple guidelines or fail to adhere to a teacher’s reasonable requests may be suspended from the blended learning offer. As ever, full details are included in our Expectations for Learning Policy below:


All of Northern Education Trust's Primary Academies are rated as Good or Outstanding by Ofsted