The Grangefield Academy

The Grangefield Academy converted to a Northern Education Trust sponsored academy on 1st January 2014.

The Grangefield Academy are on a journey of significant improvement over the next few years, a journey that has already started and that will see the development of an increasingly vibrant curriculum with a strong focus on sport and the arts along with a significant investment in new buildings and facilities.

Everyone’s learning journey is different. They treat each student as an individual and will support and challenge them to do their best. Their aim is to help students to identify their personal learning pathway and to support them in achieving the challenging but realistic goals they set for themselves.

They offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is designed to cater for the needs of all students. They are developing a new focus on sport and the arts building on the significant strength of teachers in these areas of the curriculum. The new building is being designed to place these at the heart of all that they do for their students and for their community. Success is not just about lessons and learning. They believe that students benefit from a whole range of other activities that make life interesting and fulfilling.

They believe that the key to unlocking student potential lies in the development of enquiring minds that are keen to explore the world around them.

They believe that students do their best when they are happy and secure in a warm, well disciplined and professional environment based on mutual respect.

Successful learning journeys for students will extend far beyond their time at The Grangefield Academy. Their aim is to set each student on their own learning journey to further and higher education, to jobs and careers.