Northern Education Trust

Working to fulfil the potential of young people

Lists & Registers


Les Walton CBE
Chris Roberts
Mark Sanders OBE


Les Walton CBE, Chair
Chris Roberts, Vice Chair
Rob Tarn, Chief Executive
Baroness Hilary Armstrong, Observer
Tom Grieveson
Paul Callaghan CBE DL
Suzanne Duncan
June Foster OBE
Mark Sanders OBE

The Trust Board also includes representatives from our Academy network; these currently include:

John Copping, Chair of Governors, Stockton-on-Tees Secondary Board
Jo Nolan, Executive Principal, Kirk Balk Academy & Thomas Hepburn Community Academy

Diary of Meetings

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Declaration of Interests

Click here to view our Declaration of Board and Committee Member Interests (Updated 26/06/2017).
Click here to view our Declaration of Senior Officer Interests (Updated 16/10/2017).

Gifts & Hospitality

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Code of Conduct

NET is committed to the highest standards of openness, integrity and accountability. It seeks to conduct its affairs in a responsible manner, having regard to the principles established by the Committee on Standards in Public Life (formerly known as the Nolan Committee) which Trust Board members and members of staff at all levels are expected to observe.

These principles can be found here.

In addition, NET expects that staff at all levels will observe its code of conduct, contained in its detailed financial procedures, which covers: probity and propriety selflessness, objectivity and honesty.

Trust Board members are also charity trustees and as such are subject to obligations imposed by charity law.

Legal Documents

Main Documents:
Funding Agreement
Scheme of Delegation
Articles of Association (inc. Memorandum of Association)
Governance Statement (To view the Governance Statement, visit our Corporate Policies & Procedures page.)

Annual Reports & Financial Statements:
Final Audit Findings Report 2016-2017
Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016-2017